At Little Golf T.R.A.I.N.™, we’re proud to be aligned
with the following partners:


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We also would like to acknowledge the following individuals and companies
for their contributions toward the development
of Little Golf T.R.A.I.N.™ A very special THANK YOU to:


Lorin Anderson – Proponent Group

Louise Ball – Tennessee Golf Academy

Art Chou, Managing Director – Stadia Ventures

Michele Gadjerowicz – The G2 Group

Richard Hochman, Savannah, GA (photography)

The Landings Club, Savannah, GA

Doug Lawrie – Focus Golf Group

Bobby Ruzzi – Don Law Golf Academy

Kate Schiffman – Singer/Songwriter

Matt Shanor – Blue Circle Creative

Emily Avery Stump – Express Guide Graphic Design

Phyllis Tides – Character Illustrations

Marion Walker / Jane Frost  – Jane Frost Golf Performance Center